About Us


BASE Management Consulting, was founded in 2006, registered as 1239840 Alberta Inc. The word BASE in the company's name has multiple meanings. It was originally created as an acronym for "Business Analsyis and Strategy Expertise", as the key services that we initially offered were business analysis and strategy development. But it also emphasises that we have a strong foundation, and together with the logo is a thinly veiled nod to the founder's love for the game of baseball. 


Since its inception,  BASE Management Consulting has experience providing services to organizations in an eclectic wide range of industries including:


  • Transportation

  • Telecommunications

  • Retail

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Utilities

  • Regulatory

  • Non-Profit

Our engagements have included Business Process Design and Improvement, Business Transformations, KPIs and Corporate Reporting, Business Case Development, Strategic Planning, Eliciting and Documenting Requirements, Change Management, and Facilitation.


Take a look at a list of some of our clients with whom our consultants have worked on award winning projects.